Infinity Drywall School Projects

School Construction is governed by DSA (Division of State Architecture), with most schools being designed to a 50 year+ life span that can protect and withstand the daily activities of the Students.

Infinity has been successful in completing multiple School projects including McCauliffe Elementary School, Los Alamitos High School, Rossmore Elementary School, LAUSD CRMS #7, LAUSD Belmont Lab Renovation, Frazier Park Elementary School, Hopkinson Elementary School, Santa Ana College, Oaks Middle School, Weaver Elementary School, Tweedy Elementary School, UCLA Clark Library and Cerritos College Team Room.

Similar to Hospital Construction, Infinity focuses on the pre-construction activities to streamline our construction efforts. Coordination with the General Contractors and Design Teams, coupled with our experience and expertise we work to resolve problems prior to actually commencing our work.

Recent school projects

  • McCauliffe Elementrary School
  • Los Alamitos High School
  • Rossmore Elementary School
  • LAUSD Belmont High School
  • Long Beach Unified
  • OSUD Prospect Elementary Building
  • Frazier Park Elementary School
  • Hopkinson Elementary School
  • Lee Elementary School
  • Santa Ana College
  • Oaks Middle School
  • Weaver Elementary School
  • Tweedy Elementary School
  • UCLA Clark Library
  • Cerritos College Team Room,