Theming / Studios

Infinity Drywall Theming and Studio Projects

Infinity has completed Multiple Projects at Disneyland & California Adventure Land Theme Parks including renovations to The Jungle Cruise, Disney Star Traders, Pirates of the Caribbean, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, Splash Mountain, DLR Goofy’s Meet & Greet Kitchen. Our team has worked mostly with Metal Stud Framing, Lath and Plaster to create the structures and various shapes that help create the wonders of them park attractions and ornate ceilings.

Our ‘Theming’ abilities has enabled us to work on Spotlight 20 Casino – Casino Expansion, Disney Studios, Culver City Studios, Universal Studios and Paramount Studios.

If there is a vision, Infinity will work to create that vision a reality. Whether is be Rock Formations or wood logs made of stainless steel lath and plaster to intricate ceilings with clouds, arches and radius features.

Recent theming and studio projects

  • Disneyland & California Adventure Theme Park
    • Disney Village Haus Restroom & Kitchen
    • Disney Star Traders
    • Disney Pirates of the Caribbean Fall Protection
    • Disney Mr. Toad Wild Ride Fall Protection
    • Disney Jungle Cruise Renovations
    • Disney 1st Aid Building & Mainstreet Bypass
    • Splash Mountain/Haunted Mansion Seismic Upgrades
    • DLR Goofy Meet & Greet Kitchen, Disney 21 Royal
  • Spot Light 29 Gaming Casino – Casino Expansion
  • Disney Studios
  • Culver City Studios
  • Siren Studios
  • Universal Studios and Paramount Studios